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Tom Beech is a Veterinary Surgeon and a qualified Equine Osteopath EDO®.  He formed “The Osteopathic Vet” to provide a unique service to evaluate and treat horses in order to help each horse reach its potential.

Since qualifying as a veterinary surgeon in 2005 Tom has worked in veterinary practices up and down the country honing his veterinary skills.

As Tom’s veterinary knowledge increased he felt that there were gaps in the traditional methods of veterinary examination and treatment. Whilst the technology available to vets was improving (CT, MRI etc), Tom believed that vets were forgetting to look at the bigger picture.  So, with the aim of improving the treatment he could provide, Tom strived to find ways of evaluating the horse as a whole.

After years of research and study these gaps in traditional methods were finally filled by new techniques, including those gained through the Equine Osteopathy EDO® qualification from the IREO. These allowed Tom to produce a unique, whole-horse approach to the evaluation and treatment of all his equine cases.  His broadened view and deep understanding of the problem allows all the symptoms to be addressed and a more complete treatment to be provided.

The results have been fantastic with many horses showing great improvements when other people had deemed them “untreatable”.

Human osteopathy was created by Andrew Taylor Still in the 1890’s and has been steadily evolving ever since.

Osteopathy is a manual therapy that aims to improve the mobility of all parts of the body whether the skeleton, muscles, ligaments, joints or organs.

It had been known for a long time that ALL body systems are intrinsically linked and so they ALL must be functioning correctly. A problem in one system can often cause problems in another. So the WHOLE body must be evaluated and treated!

Tom Beech is not a human osteopath.  He is a veterinary surgeon who has undertaken further study to become a qualified Equine Osteopath EDO® through the IREO.

Equine veterinary osteopathy is the adaptation of human osteopathic techniques to treat horses centred round the in-depth veterinary surgeon’s knowledge of anatomy, neurology and physiology.

As a result of the combined knowledge the resulting treatments can far outweigh that of veterinarians or equine osteopaths individually.

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